Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm baaak...

after a looong hiatus - I'm back!!!
now let's see how consistent I can be.
A LOT has happened this past year which you may or may not know from reading our kids' blogs. Desirae had a baby boy, Ian, on November 18, Ian shares a birthday with his cousin Caleb who is two years older. Pip had a baby girl, Lilly, on February 18, she shares a birthday with Nana. Both moms and babies are great! I hope I don't get busted for this, but Calvin and Carol will have a new baby ~the end of February (shhh just in case i am not supposed to tell).
Calvin & Carol took some of his Northview H. S. students to Paris, Barcelona, & Madrid in April and Jim and I were privileged to go with them - we had a great time and Jim took plenty of pictures if you have an hour sometime!
I played nanny while Desirae and Stephen went to Rebecca's wedding in Salt Lake -my sister, Dawn and her husband, Greg were up there for Mica and her husband, Mike's graduations from BYU so I spent a little time with them.
We did our annual beach camping in Carlsbad in June with my parents - I look forward to that "vacation" all year.
Jim and I got new callings this summer -He was called to be the Young Men's President and i am teaching Gospel Doctrine - pray for me!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Caribbean Blue & Dark Chocolate

snow cones or oranges
which one looks more tasty?

chillin' on the steps of the Temple
waiting for our turn
to have our pix taken
with the bride and groom
of course!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christmas 2007

Christmas this year was fun, fast, and furious.
It is always fun when the three grandchildren, Caden, Brookie-Brook, and Caleb are at Moma Teenie and Papa's playing together. Honey, the cutest, best dog ever loves when the g-kids come over also-her favorite is to greet them with "kisses", which they also love!
The time goes by so quickly when we are all together. And finally, Pip, Jeff, Calvin, Carol, Caden, Caleb, Moma Teenie, and Papa are all furious (at least really bummed out) that Stephen, Desirae, and Brookie, are in Louisiana for hopefully only six or seven months.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Carlsbad Beach 2007

Carlsbad is one of my alltime favorite places to go because I love the beach, ocean, and I love camping with my family.